How it Works

So what is a virtual reptile expo?

Simply put: we're bringing the expo to you! Livestreamed in real-time, pre-planned like every expo. Sales will be made auction-style to keep things fun and interesting, and to bring participants the highest savings! Raffles, giveaways, and surprises will also be included!

More info for participants:

  • Participation is FREE and always voluntary - you don't have to commit to attending a virtual show even if you have already registered for it.
  • Find our show calendar here to see when our next event is scheduled.
  • Future events will be hosted on our YouTube channel and bidding will take place on our Discord server. Past events were hosted on Zoom.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to watch any of our past events on YouTube to get an idea of how our events work. We are improving our processes and equipment with every show!
  • Each participant will be required to pre-register by filling out an online form with contact info and shipping details.
  • Our YouTube streams are public, but our Discord channel is invite-only. You will receive the invite link to our Discord channel when you submit your registration form. We ask that you please do not share the Discord invite link, as our goal is to only allow those who have completed registration to join the Discord server.
  • Sales are auction-style, with participants placing bids in the live chat of our Discord server. Some sales will be offered "buy-it-now" style.
  • Bidding will take place in the exclusive Discord channel #bid-central that is private until the day of the event. Any bids in other channels will not count toward the current auction and will be ignored. Chatter, questions, feedback, etc. can take place in any other channel, but may be deleted from the #bid-central channel at mods' discretion.
  • Discord users may private message any RUN IT mod at any time, but we cannot guarantee an immediate response during an event.
  • Immediately prior to each auction beginning, a photo of each item available and a photo of all relevant info (such as morphs, sex, etc) will be posted in the Discord #bid-central channel by an admin.
  • Auctions typically last 60 seconds for single items and up to 2 minutes for multi-item auctions. Auctions are called as soon as exactly three participants have posted "DONE" in the bid-central chat after the showrunners announce "time" in the stream.
  • If no bids are placed on an auction item, a "PASS" will be announced in the chat and the stream, and that item may or may not be making another appearance later in the stream.
  • NEW FOR 2024: All participants are encouraged to attend any of the in-person Repticon expos that RUN IT is planning on attending! We are bringing the show on the road and holding several of our shows during Repticon expos. Check our show calendar here!
  • All participants must abide by our terms and rules. Please become familiar with them prior to participating!
  • All live animals must be shipped to a pre-approved FedEx Ship Center and held for pickup. This location will be determined by us and communicated with the winner prior to shipping. If you have a preferred FedEx Ship Center location (NOT a Print & Ship Center, and NOT a FedEx OnSite), you may let us know in your registration or send us a message to let us know, before your win is scheduled to ship. More details on shipping here.
  • All dry goods will be shipped via UPS or USPS, whichever is cheapest. This shipping cost will be figured in to your total wins if you won dry goods bids. Live goods will be billed and shipped separately from most dry goods (unless your dry goods wins are very small and will fit in your animal box).


More info for vendors:

  • Sales slow lately? Want to offer shipping, but don't want to deal with all that extra labor? Want someone else who is knowledgeable in the field and a good salesperson to sell your stock for you? Let RUN IT Reptile Expo handle all of it!
  • We welcome vendors from every relevant hobby (reptile and invertebrate breeders, reptile and invertebrate distributors, artists, dry goods distributors, and more) to participate in selling your goods with RUN IT Reptile Expo!
  • You do NOT have to be an active vendor at any expo in order to participate in our shows that occur within Repticon or Show Me Reptile shows.
  • We handle all of the advertising, sale, and shipping/delivery of your animals/items while you sit back and relax.
  • Please watch any of our past live events on YouTube to get an idea of how our events work. We are improving our processes and equipment with every show!
  • Find Vendor Rules here.
  • Please contact us with any questions that aren't answered here or in our Vendor Rules.