Meet Your Showrunners

Before the idea of RUN IT Reptile Expo came to fruition, the sudden COVID-19 pandemic in the states inspired us to keep moving forward with facilitating reptile shows. We started our first virtual reptile show in 2020 under the umbrella of Gecko Junkie in efforts to compensate for the lack of in-person reptile expos. The success of our early events combined with the overwhelming support from the attendees' perspectives has kept the idea of virtual reptile expos alive even after the pandemic has cooled down. Now, in 2023, the idea has come full circle and RUN IT Virtual Reptile Expo has hit the road!

We've teamed up with other like-minded and responsible business owners and breeders in the reptile-keeping industry, like Ryan at Marshall Arachnids, Nathan at Dragon Mafia, James at Loco Geckos, Jesse at Midnight Creatures, and Ben at RolyBois to provide you with top quality animals, equipment, and entertainment! Future goals include supporting other vendors by featuring a wide variety of species including snakes, other lizards, more invertebrates, etc!