Vendor Rules

RUN IT Virtual Reptile Expo Vendor Agreement
Last updated 13 April 2024


  • Terms are subject to change at any time (in between events, and only apply to future events). Each participating vendor must agree to and sign each new version of this agreement when updated.
  • By agreeing with this vendor form and signing below, you are confirming that you have read and agree to all of the terms below. You will not be allowed to participate in any events until you sign and return this form to us prior to the event.
  • All participating vendors must meet with the RUN IT Reptile Expo team and bring sale animals/items in-person to be examined and presented in the auction event (exceptions will be made where applicable).
  • 20% of the sale of each animal/item presented to RUN IT Reptile Expo’s event will be remitted to the RUN IT Reptile Expo Team to cover our services. 80% of the sale of each animal/item will be paid to the vendor via payment specified in the form attached to this agreement.
  • RUN IT Reptile Expo team pays out sales via PayPal (friends & family; if you only have a business account, we do not cover the 3% fee), Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, check, or cash.
  • You as the vendor will be paid out for your sales the same day that your animals/items arrive alive and in healthy condition to the auction winner(s), as soon as we hear back from the recipient(s) or can safely assume based on pickup time that there are no issues.
  • We strongly encourage each vendor to provide business cards with contact info at a minimum and stickers or any other promotional items to throw in with each item sold.
  • All animals presented for auction/sale at RUN IT Reptile Expo’s events shall be in healthy and presentable condition. This is completely up to the discretion of the RUN IT Reptile Expo Team and is not up for debate or discussion. This applies to the condition of the animal beginning from the time it is presented to us through the time that the customer receives it, if applicable.
  • No animal/item that is presented for sale at any RUN IT Reptile Expo event is guaranteed to sell. In the case that an animal/item does not sell, it will be returned to the vendor at the end of the event and no fees will be charged.
  • We can make no guarantees as to when your animal(s)/item(s) will be presented during the event.
  • At the end of the event, each participating vendor will meet with a RUN IT representative to go over each line item and demonstrate which items sold and which did not, and we will return unsold items to the vendor with an acknowledgement that the animals/items were returned.
  • All shipping materials and logistics (if applicable) are handled entirely by the RUN IT Reptile Expo team and Reptiles Express. If you have any special requests or helpful information to provide in anticipation of shipping your item(s), please notify us.
  • We do not act as a traditional auctioneer and we do not perform the role of a traditional auctioneer.
  • Shipping date for live animals depends entirely on weather conditions at the source and at the destination as well as anticipation of shipping delays (such as extreme weather, holidays, etc). The shipping date that we determine is not up for debate unless the health and wellbeing of the animal is up for question - if you feel this way based on our decision, please discuss it with us ahead of time.
  • Dry goods orders are typically shipped within 5 business days of the date the customers’ invoice is paid.
  • Please print as legibly as possible - if there is any info that is difficult to read or interpret, it may result in us not relaying that info to the bidders or declining to post your animal for auction at all.

    Printable and signable form here.