Terms of Service & Policies

(last updated: 2 Feb 2024)
  • Shipping date is weather-permitting. Please read through all of our Terms and Live Arrival Guarantee below to familiarize yourself before the event.
  • Please do not place any bids on live animals unless you are aware of your weather forecast and are prepared for shipping delays due to weather and temperatures.
  • If you should request to cancel your live animal auction wins or decline to pay for your invoice due to shipping delays, you may not be permitted to attend future events and your invoice will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee.
  • Remember, while participant satisfaction is extremely important to us, the health and wellbeing of our animals is our primary concern. Help us set you up for success! :)


  • U.S. sales only. Live animal shipping is limited to the 48 contiguous states (No AK or HI sales at this time).
  • Must be 18 years or older to bid or make a purchase.
  • All sales are final, meaning no returns or exchanges will be accepted.
  • Full payment is due WITHIN 24 HOURS of your invoice being sent, and no orders will be shipped or picked up until balance is paid in full. If there is an issue with your invoice (such as a shipping charge needs to be changed to pickup), you will have extra time to pay this after we fix and re-send.
  • If you are unable to submit full payment within this timeframe, you may be banned from participating in future events.
  • If you opt to cancel any portion of your auction wins, you may be banned from participating in future events.
  • Payment forms accepted include credit/debit, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and CashApp. You may choose to pay directly or receive an email invoice to pay on receipt.
  • Before participating in the event, you must fill out and submit a registration form which includes your contact and shipping info. You do NOT have to re-register for any future events unless any of your contact info or shipping info has changed since then.
  • Please understand that these terms are in place to ensure fairness among all participants.


  • ALL TOTALS WILL INCLUDE AN ADDITIONAL 10% BUYER'S FEE (which covers processing, handling, and taxes).
  • Before participating in the event, you must fill out and submit a registration form which includes your contact and shipping info. We will be checking periodically throughout each event to ensure all active bidders are registered.
  • All participants, including in-person, must register for an account with Discord and place all bids within our server.
  • Instructions on all rules below will be shown and demonstrated at the event.
  • Please do not bid on any items unless you are prepared to pay for it now. Declining to pay for your auction wins is grounds for a permanent ban from all future events.
  • Events will be live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook with multiple camera views for each event. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when we're live!
  • Our animal cam will be streamed to Discord so active participants can view each auction item in close detail. All registrants will receive the invite link to our Discord server upon successful registration.
  • All bidding will take place within our Discord server, on the bid-central stage channel. This channel will remain private until the day of the event.
  • Bid only in increments of 5. No dollar signs or other money symbols are necessary.
  • Auction winners will be called based on what we (the hosts) are currently seeing ON OUR PRIMARY HOST SCREEN. What is shown on your screen may be different due to internet lag.
  • If your screen shows a discrepancy from what we called, you are more than welcome to private message us a screenshot of what your screen shows. We will often reply with a screenshot of our screen.
  • First-time participants will be required to pay a deposit of $100.00 once your total auction wins reach $500.00. This deposit is due immediately and is non-refundable if you decide to back out of paying for your total win(s).


  • live animal shipping is limited to the 48 contiguous states (No AK or HI sales at this time).
  • ALL PACKAGES CONTAINING LIVE ANIMALS MUST BE HELD FOR PICKUP AT A FEDEX SHIP CENTER (NOT a FedEx OnSite, and NOT a FedEx Print & Ship Center). We are contractually obligated through Reptiles2You and Redline Shipping to comply with this.
  • We will locate your nearest FedEx Ship Center for you when you provide your shipping address in the sign-up form, or you may select one based on the locations found here: https://www.redlineshipping.com/fedex-facilities.
  • All live animal orders will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. Dry goods may be shipped via USPS or UPS, whichever is the cheapest.
  • Dry goods shipping rates change from event to event; sometimes shipping will be free, and sometimes shipping will be invoiced separately after auction win invoices are paid in full. Please pay attention to our livestream for info on shipping dry goods.
  • You will receive tracking info via email to the email address provided in your registration form. Please contact us by email at RUNITReptileExpo@gmail.com if you haven't received your tracking info in time.
  • All live orders will feature a $65 flat rate cost. Shipping for all dry goods orders will be calculated based on size of package and total weight.
  • For live animal orders, we will contact each auction winner via email to schedule a ship date. No live animals will be shipped until arranging a day of receipt with the purchaser - no exceptions.
  • Live animals must be shipped on a Tuesday or Wednesday for next-day delivery. We may occasionally make a judgment call to ship on a Monday, but this is rare and we do not accept requests for Monday shipping as it is riskier than shipping on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Live animals can safely be shipped when recipient LOW temperatures are below 80°F and above 32°F on the night before delivery day. If recipient temps are outside of this range, your order may be delayed until your temps fall within this range. We do not ship any live animals outside of our LAG parameters.
  • If for any reason Redline Shipping or ReptilesExpress suspend their Live Arrival Insurance (usually due to excessive FedEx delays, inclement weather, etc), then we will refrain from shipping until the insurance is reinstated.
  • All live animals must be unboxed and examined within two hours of receipt. We require photo and/or video evidence of animals that arrive deceased, ill, or injured in any way. In the case that an animal is DOA, ill, or injured, the purchaser may choose to receive a free replacement depending on availability and must pay shipping, or choose to receive a refund of the price of the animal(s), excluding shipping costs.
  • We can accept no responsibility for carrier delays, but we will do all we can to avoid them. If a delay happens that results in the death of an animal, we will do all we can to help make it right.
  • If an animal is DOA as a result of a carrier delay, the replacement will ship for free.
  • Replacements (when available) may vary slightly in appearance from the original animal(s), and if this is the case, we will contact you to verify that you approve of the replacement animal. This does not apply to invertebrates.
  • All dry goods must be examined the same day of arrival. Any items that arrive damaged in any way will be replaced at no cost to the recipient.
  • Local/show pickup is an option! Please indicate in your sign-up or to us when we contact you about shipping that you’d like to pick up locally. Gecko Junkie’s show schedule


  • RUN IT Reptile Expo always guarantees the healthy arrival of all animals featured in our events. This guarantee does not extend beyond the arrival, so proper husbandry must be provided for that animal immediately after arrival.
  • All live animals must be unboxed and examined within two hours of receipt.
  • If the animal develops an illness after arrival, please contact us immediately so we can put you in contact with the original breeder/supplier to discuss further options and ensure your satisfaction. We cannot provide veterinary advice as we are not veterinary professionals, but we can help you locate one in your area should you find it necessary.
  • RUN IT Reptile Expo highly recommends quarantining every animal for a minimum of 30 days or by the guidance of a certified reptile and exotics veterinarian for that particular species. THIS APPLIES TO EVERY ANIMAL YOU MAY RECEIVE, INCLUDING REPTILES, AMPHIBIANS, AND INVERTEBRATES. THIS ALSO INCLUDES MULTIPLES OF THE SAME ANIMAL RECEIVED FROM THE SAME VENDOR. SAFETY FIRST!